Everyone has one. An old suitcase that is too old to use but you don’t want to part with it. It sits very quietly in your attic or closet collecting dust and who knows what else. Some people have really old vintage suitcases that your Mom or grandparents may have passed down. I have my Mom and Dad’s grey suitcase that they took on their honeymoon 62 years ago. I don’t want to get rid of it but I don’t use it for anything either.

I came across a DIY article on some cool ideas for old suitcases. These are do it yourself projects that can transform old suitcases into home decor and become useful again!!

A coffee table! coffee-table-suitcase-DIY-6

A bedside table!Bedside table suitcase  Notice the vintage mirror placed on top. Very cool!

A bathroom cabinet! Cabinet suitcase

A chair! suitcasechair Not sure how comfy this would be but it would definitely be a conversation piece in your home!

A chalkboard or welcome sign!suitcase chalkboard

And my personal favorite, a dog bed!dog-bed-suitcase-DIY-steps

If you use your imagination you can probably come up with ideas of your own. The hard part is looking for that suitcase that hasn’t seen human interaction in years!