People that live here in the Lowcountry have seen a shift in the rental market in the last few years. It is especially active now……I think the last I heard there are 52 people moving into the Charleston area daily! Yes…that’s daily, not monthly! Many people have job opportunities that put them here from many parts of the country and many of those people have never been to Charleston and do not know the area. Do they buy? Some do but many opt to rent first to get a better “feel” of the area before making the move to purchase a home. Others, especially millennials choose to rent knowing that their careers will send them to another location in a few years. They’re more transient. They want the ability to pick up and move to another part of the country. So, we have a rental market that remains active and high. With that said, owning an income producing property in this market has reaped many benefits for the homeowner. The income earning potential remains high in this sector as well! It is a win-win for all!