“Cold As Ice”

“Hazy Shade Of Winter”



If you guessed Foreigner, Simon & Garfunkel, Rolling Stones and AC/DC in that order, you are CORRECT!!

My point is…….it’s a COLD WINTER’s day today!!

My 80+ year old parents try to be heat and energy efficient when the weather dips down below freezing. It worries me a bit for obvious reasons. I went to visit them last night and my Mom was sitting on the couch under an afghan, wearing a thick sweater, thick socks and holding a hot cup of tea. I asked my Dad what he had the thermostat set at and his response was “68, right where it should be”! In other words he did not want me messing with the thermostat. I love my parents and respect the way in which they live. Dad actually has a very energy efficient home. Before the winter season arrives there are a few handy dandy rituals he goes through to ensure that his energy bills stay as low as possible. Here a few of Jack’s procedures for heat efficiency in his home:

He replaces worn weatherstripping and adjusts thresholds where there may be gaps.

He keeps warm air from escaping up the chimney. Even when the chimney flue is closed, some warm air is probably still getting away. An easy solution is an inflatable chimney balloon. The balloons are available on amazon.com for example, and cost about $50. Blow up the balloon and stick it right up there in the chimney. If you forget to take it out before you start a fire, the balloon automatically deflates, so it won’t cause the house to fill with smoke. This is actually a great thing! I have started a fire in his fireplace before when I thought the flue was open and it was not. Let’s just say the house filled with smoke and the fire department came. Mom still talks about how she had to repaint the fireplace mantel and frame. ;(

He checks the attic access door and adds insulation if needed. He doesn’t want heat escaping up the access.

He lets the sunshine in! (He was a big Fifth Dimension fan back in the day….I know this probably means nothing to anyone under the age of 50). Open those blinds and throw open the drapes…..use solar heating from the sun through your windows. Even on a cold winter’s day, if the sun is shining brightly you can scoop up the sun’s heat!

Anyway, stay warm my friends!