There’s no better way to get you in the holiday spirit than decorating your home! It is a time-honored tradition that brings together families and friends. Unfortunately for many renters, decorating for the holidays can be challenging. Many rental properties limit the changes you can make to a home and they also tend to be tighter on space for decorating and storage. But that shouldn’t stop you from going all out this holiday season. Here are some tips for how you can deck your rental’s halls!

Get An Artificial Tree

Many Christmas traditionalists cringe at the thought of getting a fake tree, but they truly do offer some great perks! They come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for apartments that have low ceilings or not much extra room to spare. One major problem with real trees is that you have to keep watering them, which can often lead to water damage on carpets and wood floors. You don’t have to worry about any of those potential risks with an artificial tree. They are also impossible to kill, so your tree looks great no matter what. Many fake trees come pre-lit with only one main source of power, saving you time, money, and outlet space. 

Hang the Stockings with Care 

Every renter knows that drilling lots of holes and sticking nails in the walls is a big no. Thankfully removable hooks make a great alternative! There are so many different weight options and sizes so you can hang almost anything. There is even a size made especially small enough to just hold a thin wire and still look almost invisible on the wall, perfect for hanging strands of string lights. Other larger hooks are great for hanging stocking on the fireplace or wall, stringing garland, or hanging a wreath on the door. 

Glow with a Faux Fireplace 

There’s nothing quite like that warm and cozy glow of a fireplace. Unfortunately, it is hard to find an apartment that has a functional fireplace. Some older rentals tend to still have fireplaces for aesthetic appeal, but property managers usually board them up as a safety precaution. If your home is lucky enough to have a mantel, you can place a few decorative battery-operated candles below it. Various sizes tend to look the best and mimic the look of real flames. If you don’t have a mantel, you can replicate this look with the candles below another decorative accent, like a piece of artwork or you can hang some reclaimed wood. 

Get Crafty

When you’re limited on space, get creative and make your own decorations perfectly sized to your unique rental! You can create paper garland to hang all over, which is way lighter than the real stuff and easier to take down after. Flat felt ornaments are much easier to store than bulky glass bulbs and they are really fun to customize. Another idea is to create a paper mache snowmen for some decor that will last all season long. There are also some fun crafts for Hanukkah, like menorah candle wraps and gift wraps!

Simplify Your Storage

Rentals are notorious for being limited on space. This can make decorating for the holidays tough since you don’t want to buy a ton of decorations only to realize you can’t store it all after. That’s why we recommend a less-is-more approach. There are a few basic things you can do to achieve this look. A full-size tree may require too much space that you don’t have, so you can opt for a tabletop tree that fits easier in your home and it will not need as many ornaments. Try avoiding impulse buys when shopping and always ask yourself where you will store the item before you commit to buying it. You can also find a company that will let you rent holiday decorations from them so you can get all the decorations that you want and not have to worry about packing them away later on.

The holidays are a time for joy, memories and fun! Just because you live in a rental doesn’t mean you have to be boring and avoid decorating. There are so many DIY hacks and ways for you to innovate using the space you have. We encourage you to get creative and make lasting memories this holiday season!