Are you getting ready to bake cookies, sipping on eggnog, and cleaning out your chimney for Santa? It’s time for Christmas! While preparing for all the hecticness that comes with Christmas, it’s equally, if not more, important to take some safety precautions for your property. Here are some tips from us at CREC Property Management!


  • Traveling? Be sure to lock your doors and enable your alarm system on your home and vehicle(s) — it’s not a bad idea to invest in an alarm system that allows access beyond state lines through apps in order to ensure the safety of your home. This could even be a good gift idea!
  • The power of community is strong! Don’t be shy about asking a trusted neighbor or nearby friend you trust to keep their eyes peeled on your home while you are embarking on Holiday travel. 
  • The ambiance is important around the holiday season, but make sure you’re blowing that Christmas Cookie scented candle out before bed or leaving the house — it’s easy to forget when it smells that good, but fire safety is vital! 
  • Speaking of fire hazards, be sure to inspect Christmas light cords and ensure no fraying on the cords, the last thing you would want is an accidental fire hazard while getting decorative. 
  • Expensive gifts this year? Congrats! We can only imagine how excited you are to install that giant TV on your wall, but we might suggest breaking down the box afterward so that those with ill-intentions don’t get any ideas with your new shiny toys. 


We at CREC Property Management hope you have the best Holiday season! With these safety tips, you can’t lose. Happy celebrating and stay safe!