When trying to get your house rented to new lessees it is vital to make sure your property is looking its best! This is the first impression for potential new renters, and helps them picture themselves making your property their temporary home! Here at CREC we pride ourselves on making sure our properties are looking tip top shape for potential new renters!

Major Clean/Repairs

The first step in a staging process is cleaning/repairing everything. You should start with the big cleaning projects and then move on to the smaller ones. We recommend starting with examining the walls for repairs. Patch up any holes and repaint where needed. Next step is to deep clean the floors, start by sweeping and vacuuming where needed and then mop the wood floors. After the floors are done make sure the bathroom is extremely clean. The shower, sink and toilet should look brand new once they are cleaned. Your focus should then turn to the kitchen making sure countertops, storage and appliances are all cleaned, organized and looking new. You could do the cleaning yourself to save money or you could hire professionals to take the stress off of you.


Your next thought after the cleaning is all done is to bring in furniture to make the space more homey. You should bring in furniture and pieces of art for the walls and greenery to make the space look livable in. There are ways to rent these pieces from local stores, which helps small businesses too! Be sure to take a look at all the appliances in the house as well. New appliances are oftentimes a selling point for renters, especially in the kitchen! If you currently have renters in the space ensure their furniture is clean and tidy looking for the showings! Be sure to keep current lessees in the know about everything you have planned with the house regarding showings and timing!

Curb Appeal

Next order of business is to make sure you have curb appeal. Take a look at the outside of your property and try to vision it as someone who is living there. Change things you think you would want in a home for yourself. Look at the garden and be sure to replace dead plants and flowers with fresh new ones. Check the paint on the outside of the house and fix up any chips to keep it looking fresh and new! Also be sure to check your roof for any damages, especially if it has been a while since the last time you checked.

Ask Questions

Last order of business should be asking the right questions prior to the potential client showing up at your property. This is smart so you don’t waste their time of yours. Some essential questions to ask are: Reason for moving? Move in date? Any pets? Number of people planning to move in. Any references? Eviction history. All of these are great to ask prior so you have an idea of what the renter wants and if it matches what you can offer them, and if they seem like the type of people you would want to rent your property. If everything aligns you should schedule a showing and make sure if you have current tenants they are aware as early as possible prior to make sure they are prepared for the showing as well.

Staging your property for new lessees can be a stressful yet exciting process. Be sure to keep this in mind going through the process and contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or need extra helpful tips!