As the weather is getting cooler and with the unusual amount of rainfall that the Low Country has seen, you may be seeing evidence of some unwanted visitors! It’s also a good idea to practice preventive measures if you have not seen any sign of them. Here’s how:

Standing water is a breeding ground for insects. Make sure you look in and around your home for any water that has not dried up or has recently accumulated. Same goes for food. Do not leave food out or dirty dishes in the sink. Garbage containers (inside and out) should be tightly covered.

Seal cracks around doors and windows. This will also help with your energy bills!

Insects can enter a home quicker than you will ever notice… make sure that you have screen windows and doors!

Vacuum the perimeter of your home where pests like to lay eggs in the crevices of the carpet and wall.

Now is a good time to trim trees and bushes around your home. Keep them trimmed so as not to touch the roof or your house.

Above all, hire a pest control company to treat your home even before you notice a breakout of these unusual suspects!