It may be if you can do it easily and cheaply! There are a few things you can do without even picking up a tool. Change the shower curtain. It’s the first thing people will notice and will make the biggest impact. Picking one with relatively neutral colors is a good starting point. Now you can go ahead and pick out a rug and towels that compliment the shower curtain. Don’t overthink how the colors or patterns go together—a matchy-matchy color scheme screams that your decor is dated. Instead, pick colors that play nicely with the shower curtain. Adding aqua color to a neutral gray is a good example. Buy hand towels as well as bath towels. Nothing says “this bathroom is gross and so is my host” like your guests having to dry their hands on your still wet bath towel. Finally, add a few small accessories that tie everything together. A classy-looking soap dispenser and toothbrush holder will elevate your vanity. Place an antique or funky looking small lamp on the vanity. We live near the beach…..gather some sea shells and place them in a clear container for that beachy feel. Spruce up the trash basket. You should always have one in your bathroom! There are many inexpensive choices out there and it should always have a lid! Enough said.

Drawer organizers may not be visible to a guest but it makes your life in the bathroom much more organized and neat. There are many options here! My favorite is going to an office supply store and visit the office supply section. Yep, that’s right. Just because something’s meant to sit on a desk doesn’t mean it isn’t the perfect item to keep your bathroom organized! While you’re buying items from the office supply aisle, look to furniture meant for other rooms as great options for your bathroom. Those nifty corner shelves meant to hold kitchen items in your kitchen? Imagine it as space-saving storage for toiletries and rolled-up towels. And finally, everyone should have this….. a file rack ….normally meant for a front-desk receptionist, but, real talk: You read in your bathroom. Hang it on your wall and use it to store magazines!