I have written about the many high tech sophisticated security systems out there but I have not talked about some easy ways to deter a burglar from your home. You may not even realize that you are attracting unwanted attention! Many people have ladders laying along the side of the house. It may be too big to fit in a garage or you may be too lazy to take it out of the garage every time you need to use it. Well, don’t be lazy! Burglars can easily lean it against your home and reach a second-story window. For those of you who have security systems in place, make sure that the second story windows are wired into your system. This could deter a burglar even if he used your ladder to climb to the second story windows.

So you bought a new 70″ big screen TV just in time for Super Bowl! You put the empty box on the curb telling everyone who passes by what you just bought. A better idea is to break down the box and put it in the recycling bin.

Put in motion sensor lights around your home an cut back bushes from around the house. Burglars look for places to hide…..don’t make it easy for them!

Make sure you don’t hang mirrors in your home which may reflect your home security alarm. A burglar can tell if it is armed or not this way.

If you are going away for more than a few days, don’t announce it to the world on Facebook. Also, hire someone you trust to mow your lawn, pick up your mail and newspaper, open and close various window shades, and turn different lights on and off (or put a few on timers). Lock any car you leave in the driveway so your garage door opener isn’t accessible.

If you put valuables in a locked safe, make sure that the safe cannot be lifted out of the house. A wall safe is an option. Or rent a security box at your bank.

And if you are selling something online make sure you arrange to meet the buyer at a location that is not your home. A brightly lit area like a shopping center where there are lots of people around is a much better idea!