Many of you probably have a brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide hiding out under your sink cabinet. You bring it out when you have a small cut to clean and disinfect or when you want to whiten delicate items. Otherwise it may sit there for months without any action. I am a HUGE fan of this little brown bottle for many reasons. Here are some of my favorites:

Out of toothpaste? Mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide to form a paste for brushing and whitening! Also, use Hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse to kill germs or if you have any gum sores. Then you can actually disinfect your toothbrushes with hydrogen peroxide. This should be done on a regular basis in my opinion!

Nail whitener! Yes… can soak your nails in hydrogen peroxide for whiter nails!

Household cleaner! Hydrogen peroxide whitens grout and cleans tile. It also removes stains from toilet bowls and tubs. As a spray, it controls mold and mildew which is a handy thing to have here in the humid lowcountry! Soak your kitchen sponge to disinfect and make it smell fresh. Also, with the humid climate many of us have dehumidifiers. Add a pint of hydrogen peroxide to one gallon of water and run the solution through humidifiers to disinfect and remove any mold or mildew that may be growing inside.

I use my cutting board daily. It needs to be regularly disinfected so food is not contaminated. Hydrogen Peroxide does the trick!! You can also spray fruits and vegetables which cleans them better than rinsing under the faucet.

Wine stains on the carpet after the holidays? No problem! Hydrogen peroxide mixed with a little dish soap does the trick. Use with caution though especially on darker carpet colors. You can also use this for stains on clothes and upholstery. Test it on a small spot first before tackling the entire stain.

The other great thing about this little brown bottle is that it costs under $2.00 in most grocery stores!