Do you live in a condo, town home or apartment? Are pets allowed? If they are, do you think there should be restrictions on which breed or size of dog is allowable? Interestingly, many people who are pet owners and want to rent, run into some road blocks as it relates to pets. Many home owners and apartment complexes do not allow pets. If you do find a pet friendly rental, there are some considerations as to what is the best type of dog that is compatible to attached family living. I have read that these breeds are among the winners:

  1. Toy Poodle- At 10 inches or less in height, this is about as small as you can get without downsizing to a gerbil or, god forbid, an anxious Chihuahua. With a toy poodle, you get a dog’s big personality in a small package that gets pretty much all the exercise it needs running around your little place. Bonus: Poodles don’t shed.
  2. Mastiff- That’s right…..those BIG dogs! But are you worried they’ll run you ragged with their need for open spaces? Then the mellow mastiff is a surprisingly great choice. Despite its relatively gargantuan size, it doesn’t require much exercise. In fact, its bigness is the cause of its low energy. A simple walk daily should be all it needs.
  3. Shih T’zu- The Shih T’zu was bred to be a companion and it has no hunting genes! Its compact size and contentment with being indoors makes it ideal for small spaces.
  4. English Bulldog- Sure, these droopy jowled charmers are a more robust size. But once they’ve outgrown their puppy stage, they become big, wrinkly couch potatoes. In fact, you may have to drag this breed out and about! So if you love regular trips to the outside around the block or at the beach, you may be in trouble. But for human homebodies, this is the perfect companion.
  5. Great Dane-Yes, the Great Dane can make a great condo or apartment pet believe it or not. On its hind legs, it can tower over humans, but indoors, it’s relatively inactive, thanks in large part to its large size (same as for the mastiff). Known as a gentle giant, this affectionate, short-haired breed is relatively graceful, considering—so don’t worry too much about it knocking over your home decor. (Better than some men I know)!
  6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-If you prefer your dog to be seen and not heard, this brown-eyed beauty is for you. They are small and known to be relatively quiet in demeanor. Made famous as Charlotte’s pet in “Sex and the City,” this cute spaniel is surprisingly low-maintenance. Its coat is no muss, no fuss, requiring just weekly brushing. Its’ energy level depends on what your lifestyle is like… can go for a hike or hike on to your lap, and requires just one walk daily.
  7. Borkie- Yes….I never heard of this bread either but A Borkie is a combination of two great apartment breeds: a Bichon and a Yorkie. You get the fluffy white fur of a Bichon and the even-tempered personality of a Yorkie all in one. Borkies don’t require much grooming or exercise, making them a good option if you’re away from your rental most of the day.