It seems like 2020 would never end, but here we are in December with the days dwindling down before we change the calendars over to the new year. It’s no secret that this year caused a lot of high levels of stress, forcing us to stay indoors and find new ways to find the calm in our homes. This is certainly reflected in the home trends we expect to see in the new year! People are seeking out nature, creating zen vibes, and simplifying their designs to make home a more peaceful place for hope in the new year ahead. Here are the 2021 home trends we just can’t wait to see at our rental properties and homes! 


Earth Tones

Everyone seems to be craving to get back to nature these days! After many of us were stuck indoors for so long, people are finding ways to bring the outdoors in and give praise to the natural beauties around us. That’s why earth tones are going to be big in 2021! We’re talking about golden yellows, sage greens, and warm rust colors. These earthy hues won’t just be displayed on the walls, but also on couches, cabinets, and pieces of art, adding welcoming pops of calming colors to homes. 


Hidden Hardware 

Knobs and drawer pulls are so last year! This new year, we expect to see lots of hidden hardware in places like the kitchen and bathroom, perhaps even carrying over to the dresser in the bedroom or storage in the hall. Hidden hardware appeals to the minimalist vibe that has been popular for quite some time now, which is no surprise why modern-chic enthusiasts are loving this new trend. 


Home Offices 

2020 changed a lot for us. One thing that many businesses are carrying into the new year is their flexibility on their work from home policies. That’s why we expect to see many more home offices in 2021. Whether it’s converting an old storage space, upgrading the spare bedroom, or making the garage suitable for all seasons, we expect to see some innovative ways people are leveling up their new workplaces. More and more furniture stores are also starting to sell creative new desks that function both for work life and home life. 


Closed Floor Plans

In quarantine, many families were forced to bond and spend meaningful time together. While that was great, it also taught us the importance of personal space and a little alone time. That’s why we’ll be seeing many new homes with closed floor plans, opposed to open concept homes that have been so “in” the past few years. 


Rattan Furnishings

While rattan is nothing new to the design scene, it sure is making a big comeback! It’s brown earth tones and woven woodsy elements perfectly capture the natural look that is so popular right now. Get ready to see rattan used in new ways, like trinkets, storage, and lighting fixtures. The best part is that rattan is a highly durable material that will last, making it both an economic and stylish upgrade. 



Houseplants have become the modern version of the millennial’s kids or pets, and for good reason! While they’re much more practical, affordable and easier to take care of, plants also add life to a space and bring together a design. They’re great in any room and come in a wide variety of types so you can pick the right one for you. They are also a cheap and easy way to make any space feel homier, especially in rental homes. If you’re new to plant parenting, we recommend resilient low lighting plants that require little watering, such as snake plants and peace lilies. 


In 2021, we expect to see lots of natural elements being showcased in homes. From earthy paint colors to natural furnishings, this new year designers will hope to capture the organic beauty within the home. For some, this year may even call for some bigger projects, like adding an office space or redesigning the floor plan. Whatever you choose to do to your home next year, we encourage you to do what works best for you and your lifestyle, showcasing your unique style and promoting a fresh start in 2021!