It’s 2022! Congratulations on making it through another year, we at CREC Property Management hope the New Year brings you peace, joy, and happiness. 


As the saying goes, New Year, New Me…but what about New Year, New Property?! We’ve compiled a small list of potential New Years Resolutions for your property to increase its value and desirability both for you and potential buyers and/or renters!


Declutter Unnecessary Items

We know — it’s easy to garner more items over the years and hold on to the things we used to cherish but don’t use often anymore. It might be time to take a hard look at the sweaters you haven’t worn in 5 years or that waffle maker you swore was going to change your kitchen and consider donating them and downsizing. Oftentimes less is more and having less items allows you to value the things you do use on a regular basis on a deeper level. Consider taking the time to go through each room and truly consider what is being used and what is not. 


Update That Thing You’ve Been Meaning To 

Life often gets in the way. We completely would understand you if you have said something like “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll fix that creaky door next week! I’ll touch up the paint soon! I’ll replace that lightbulb ASAP” …but then it never gets done. This year we are challenging you to make the commitment to yourself to finish what you started and get that thing you’ve been meaning to update done and out of your hands.


Finish Your Basement/Extra Room

Looking for a bigger passion project? If you happen to have a basement or extra room that is unutilized, consider finishing and furnishing it to take advantage of extra space. This is a great option for creating a fun lounge-like room, extra space for guests, a room for potential renters, or anything imaginable! 


Swap Out Your Fixtures in the Kitchen and Bathrooms

You might be pleasantly surprised to notice how huge of a difference simple fixtures will make the overall cohesiveness of your space look! New knobs, pulls, and faucets can completely change the look of the room and this can be super inexpensive and easy to pull off while also having a huge impact on buyers or your own general happiness. 


Liven Up The Landscape

The first impression of a property begins as soon as you pull up to it! Don’t be afraid to plant some new flowers, plants, play with the trim of bushes, and overall liven up your landscape to make a more positive impression. 


Updating Lighting

Lighting can do wonders for the inside of your home. Cozy, warm lighting can truly make the ambiance of a room warm and comforting compared to harsh, cool, overhead lighting. Consider buying new fixtures, swapping the temperature of the bulbs used, or lighting more candles to create a cozier feeling within the home as well as impressing potential buyers or renters. 


Overall, small changes can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your property! We hope that these tips offer you some new inspiration for the New Year. What resolutions will you be taking on into the new year? Let us know!