After long hours of searching for a rental isn’t it such a great feeling when you find a place that looks perfect and meets all of your criteria? Love at first glance it may be, but don’t rush into signing a lease! It’s important that you check under the hood a little bit and do your homework before signing!

  1. Relationships do matter. Just as it is important for the landlord/property manager to trust you, it is just as important for you to trust them to answer your questions and provide a safe and comfortable home environment!
  2. First impressions are the best! Take time to investigate your rental for safety, function and comfort.
  3. Take photos and document any issues prior to moving in. You are protecting yourself from potential charges to your security deposit for which you are not responsible.
  4. Before signing ask exactly what is included in the monthly rent rate so that you are clear about how this new home will impact your monthly budget and lifestyle.
  5. Painting the walls or installing your own light fixtures without permission could result in lease termination or loss of your security deposit.  Make sure to discuss it with the property manager/landlord before signing a lease.
  6. Pets? Confirm this up front and what the fees or deposits are.
  7. Location, location! Consider your commute and how the cost will impact your monthly budget.
  8. Know and understand the terms of the lease you are signing.If there is any language you don’t understand or feel uncomfortable with, don’t be shy. Ask questions and talk through it openly with the property manager/landlord, so you have a complete understanding of what you are signing.

Now you can make and educated and informed decision on that perfect rental that you can call home!