The beginning of Spring is a time for cleaning not just inside your home, but the outside of it as well. There are many ways we take our properties to the next step for the new season and a big Spring clean is one of them! Stay tuned for ways to clean up the outside of your homes and get them Spring ready!

The First Big Steps

We recommend you begin the process by examining your home and finding what you think is necessary to clean. This would include your house, deck, porch garage, and lawn. Starting with power washing your house and garage is a great first leap to make as it is most likely going to be the biggest chore. Getting the largest task out of the way first is always a smart idea as it will make the smaller steps seem easier. Once you have the exterior cleaned you can check to see if the house needs any paint repairs. The next step would be cleaning out your gutters. This is another huge task and may be easier to hire a company if you have the funds. You should check your roof next to ensure no shingles are missing or any repairs that need to be made after a harsh winter. If you anything that concerns you, contact a roofing professional to take a look and offer you some solutions before things get worse. 

Lawn and Garden Makeover

Once those large tasks are done, it is time to take care of the smaller ones. First, you should care for your lawn after our long winter. This is a task you can do yourself to save some money! Begin by raking the twigs and fallen leaves from the lawn. Next, you should set down fertilizer or grass growth to ensure you have the best lawn on the block. After you have your lawn situated, take a look at the plants and garden you currently have. This will most likely need a step up which is an easy fix, add some of your favorite color flowers to spice up your garden. This will immediately make your house look ready for Spring!

Perfect Porch Setup

The next thing you will want to look at is your deck, porch, or front steps. This is the first impression others will have of your house so it needs to look clean and tidy. You should begin by removing anything currently there and sweep off any dirt or grime that may have accumulated throughout the winter. After that, you should wipe down any pots, décor, or outdoor furniture to ensure they are looking their best. This is also a perfect time to check on any outdoor lights you may have and change any lightbulbs! We recommend using LED bulbs to save money on power bills! These recommendations will make sure your deck has a nice look to it and encourage you to want to sit outside for the nice weather ahead. 

Pool Opening

If you have a pool that’s ready to be opened for the start of Spring, this is the perfect time to get started.  Clear dirt, water, and leaves from the pool cover before removing it. Be sure to clean it off and dry it well before storing it for the summer to ensure you stay away from the mold. The next step is to clean the interior of the pool, fill it up with any water you may have lost through the winter, and set up your filter and pump. Next, you should shock your pool and test the chemistry of the pool. Now you can sit out and enjoy the beautiful weather by your newly opened pool! 

By following these steps it will ensure your house is picture-perfect just in time for Spring. The nice weather, birds chirping, and fresh flowers will add a nice ambiance to your house and ensure you are all ready for the new season to begin!