I think it is safe to say that we all of have some sort of trepidation when it comes to household pests. The mere mention of the word cockroach brings certain uncomfortable images in our minds. Fleas can cause immediate evacuation of your home if it is infested. Ants can find there way into every cookie jar, cereal box and Easter basket (I know this last one from experience)! However, the termite is just plain terrifying! It can hide in the tiniest area of moisture and ¬†begin to devour your home inch by inch. Many northerners aren’t as familiar with these militant enemies….they have been heard of but not as an epidemic nuisance as they are in the south. Before purchasing a home, many buyers have a CL100 inspection performed to see if there are any rot issues, termite infestation and mold. Many lenders will not approve a loan unless a CL100 is performed. Termites account for damages to homes in the Lowcountry as high as $100 million/year! Yikes!! You can see why we, as homeowners are at war with them!

Where do termites most like to begin their reign? They establish nests in moist woody areas of soil, trees and homes. Once established, they populate and create more nests. Sometimes the numbers can get into the tens of millions! You may notice these little straw like tunnels in which they move and travel. Termites can travel from the ground up, they can travel from up above down and they can also fly! Yes…fly!

So, what do you do if you see evidence of termites or even suspect that the enemy has invaded? Call a termite control company immediately. Have them inspect and treat…. and if you do not have a termite bond for your home, invest in this yearly service! If your neighbor has termites there is a good chance that your home is infested as well. Living in the Lowcountry has always come with the risk of termites but it has reached an all time high in this year of 2015. With all of the rain and flooding that we have suffered, it has become more of a breading ground for termite infestations than ever!