It is almost the beloved time of the year when the cool chill of the morning begins to transition into warmer days! While we are lucky enough to be based in the Lowcountry where cold winters are not much of an issue, it is still refreshing to transition into the Spring weather, warmer-suited wardrobes, and of course, do a Spring cleaning! 


Something about a deep clean as the weather turns nicer is so satisfying. We want to create an inclusive list of all things Spring cleaning as you prepare your property for some Lowcountry sun!



  • Go through closet spaces and donate clothes you no longer need or wear — find a donation bin close to you here
  • Organize drawers and fold and clean clothes
  • Wash bedding (and maybe add some extra scent boosters!)
  • Rotate your mattress



  • Dust and disinfect all spaces
  • Wash mirrors thoroughly to see your reflection glowing again
  • Deep clean toilets and showers 
  • If necessary, replace shower liners 
  • Go through toiletries and note expired products or products you no longer use


General Rooms:

  • Dust fans 
  • Disinfect commonly touched surfaces: table tops, door handles, light switches, handles, etc.
  • Clean windows, window sills, and dust curtains and blinds
  • Vacuum all rooms — if you have a thinner vacuum attachment, go along the edges of rooms for dust that gets trapped in smaller spaces



  • Wipe down the microwave, coffeepot, stovetop, and all surfaces
  • De-clutter the fridge: take out expired items, re-organize, and disinfect the inside, possibly running fridge trays through the dishwasher
  • Empty the crumb tray in the toaster
  • Reorganize the pantry and shelves within the pantry — may be necessary to disinfect and dust 
  • Sanitize the sink and run a garbage disposal tablet through for clean, fresh smells 
  • Get a small vacuum attachment to go into cracks between the fridge and cabinet spaces
  • Give the floor a thorough broom, vacuum, and mop session 


Office Spaces:

  • Use a screen cleaner on devices and air inserts to clean space within your keyboard
  • Dust any books 
  • Organize papers and decide what can be tossed, if anything 
  • Update decorations: possibly updating pictures, decor, or adding a personal touch to make your office space more inviting


Living Room:

  • Clean in between cushion spaces 
  • If applicable, dust and re-organize TV shelves 
  • Re-arrange furniture for an updated look and a different feel — you can try planning your room here



  • Weed through plants that are growing and tend to any plants or flowers you may have
  • Consider updating the exterior to match with the spring season with playful decor or wreaths
  • Pressure wash decks, patios, and exteriors of the house
  • Wash window screens and windows


If you follow this checklist, it sounds like it’s going to be a busy and rewarding season for you! Please let us know if you enjoyed this list or feel we missed any important details! We would love to see your before and after pictures and hope your CREC Property feels rejuvenated via your Spring cleaning work!