You finally have a place of your own and all of a sudden everyone wants to visit and take a “peek”!  Here is how to prepare your home on a budget in your new rental!

Aroma is everything!

Burning a few candles around the abode will not only brighten up the space, but it will also upgrade the aromas of your home. Maybe indulge your visitors with a Yankee Candle Apple Pie scent in the kitchen. Although this may cause questions such as “is that a delicious pie in the oven?”

Ugly Couch?

Find pillows! Look around the house……maybe a neighbor’s house……Goodwill…….or my favorite, Home Goods! Grab a few colorful fellows and nobody will notice that drab couch!


Fill those empty spaces with SOMETHING! Pick out a simple bouquet from the yard and proudly display it on the dinner table. Also, swap out the run-of-the-mill vase with an empty wine bottle to highlight your creativity and charming style. I am sure you have a couple of those in the recycle bin!

Throw it down:

Every room needs an anchor—and for those who are missing one, a bright throw rug brings the space together. Even old worn carpet in many rentals can use a face lift without replacing it. Place an area rug on top of the carpet. It will look like a new room!

I  believe you can pull this off and make everyone talk about how great your new rental looks!!