So you just found the Charleston apartment of your dreams and are all ready to move in, the only issue is there is no storage space for all of the stuff you have. Whether you’re renting Downtown or in the surrounding areas, you will need to find solutions to store everything in your apartment. When renting space we know you want to make the house your temporary home without dropping a huge amount of money on it, so we have come up with some innovative solutions for your storage shortage!


Let’s start in the bedroom where you keep most of your things. The best way to maximize this space, especially without a closet, is to put shelves up. This is a cheap way to store things in plain sight without taking up floor space. Another great find is an inexpensive clothing rack from Amazon! This way you can hang your clothes up and put your shoes out in your room without them looking messy. You can put your luggage far under your bed and use the space closer to the edge for more essential things. For the essentials, using storing bins under your bed will house so many of your things out of sight but with easy access. Lastly, you can use space bags to compact clothing that is not in season and store it in bins under your bed until it is needed. 


The next area where you will need to maximize your storage space is the kitchen. All kitchenware needs to have a special spot in the kitchen and if there isn’t enough storage already there we have the solutions for you. The best way to store pots and pans that don’t fit in cabinets is using hooks to hang them in the kitchen. This also doubles as a decoration which is a great touch to space. Hanging shelves in the kitchen is also a way to put your mugs on display without them looking cluttered and unorganized. Lastly, using drawer organizers to maximize the storage space available in your drawers is a great solution to having cluttered drawers. 

Living Room

This is the common area space where you will need storage for many things. In this case, furniture with built-in storage is your friend. Yes, it may be an investment, but it will pay off. Purchasing a coach or ottoman with built-in storage is a great space saver. You will be able to store blankets, pillows and anything else you could need without having to purchase another furniture item. Shelving is also a great option for the living room so you can store your books on the wall and make it double as décor. Another way to maximize space is getting a TV stand with storage. Now you have the perfect place for your TV with the ability to store any junk under it without anyone knowing! 


Most of your bathroom essentials will require a closet or some sort of shelving. If you don’t have a closet in the bathroom getting a storage bin shelf is a great way to keep all your items organized and out of sight. Another great investment is a shelf that goes over your toilet which takes up less space than a regular stand-up shelf. This is a great way to store personal products and toilet paper all in one space without it looking unorganized. This way your items won’t look messy and your bathroom will keep up just as a nice of an aesthetic as the house. 

Making a house a home isn’t always an easy task in a temporary home. This is an easier task when you have designated places for your things and extra space to use for décor items. This is a way to make your rental property your home so you can work on making the city of Charleston your forever home.