Congratulations! You’re moving into an apartment and this is likely an exciting time. Moving, in general, is often a catalyst to new habits, beginnings, and chapters in one’s life…so what should you do and what should you avoid?


✅ DO: Organize and Donate Unnecessary Items

A move may often seem manageable at first, but once items begin piling up and boxes are being filled, it’s often surprising how many items you may own! Doing preliminary sweeps through your closet, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and storage spaces will be a good way to donate items that you no longer need, while also lightening your load prior to the move.


❌ DON’T: Procrastinate Moving Out or Moving In

Moving is a process that often takes much longer than expected. Nothing is more daunting than knowing you have 48 hours to move but only ⅓ of your stuff packed and ready to go! Try chunking out the move weeks prior to the actual move. Prioritize the items you use daily for the end of the move and prepare other items ahead of time. Once you are in a new space, unpack and set things up as soon as possible to create a cozier home. 


✅ DO: Purchase Items That Help with Organization and Comfort

This tip is especially important if you are living in a smaller space. Organization is the key to maintaining sanity and cleanliness in a smaller space and there are so many ways to create organization in a way that also makes your environment look more inviting and comfortable. Pinterest is the almighty in terms of inspiration and DIY hacks. 


❌ DON’T: Overspend Once You’ve Moved In

Once you’ve just moved in it is rather easy to get excited by the possibility of completely changing your space, but it is equally important to remember the budgets you have available.  Remaining cognizant of spending you will do in the future related to groceries, bills, gas, etc. will help you to save better in the present. 


✅ DO: Branch Out Into Your New Community

It is beyond exciting to be in a new place which is also the perfect opportunity to meet new friends! Whether you’re baking pies to introduce yourself, waving at the passerby who you see in the parking lot, or offering to grab coffee with your next-door neighbor, establishing friendly relationships with the people around you will make your new home feel more like home!


❌ DON’T: Wait To Call in Maintenance Issues

No matter how big or small, it is quite possible that maintenance issues can get worse over time, thus it is important to call them in as soon as you can to prevent further issues in the apartment and with your own health.