So you’ve decided you’re going to turn your property into a rental property? Congratulations, this must be an incredibly exciting time for you as you take the leap many dream of! Today we wanted to highlight some ideas that may be important to keep in mind as you prepare to put your property on the market. We want to save you the most money while also making your property an incredibly desirable option to prospective tenants.


Add Unique Value: Pet-Proofing

Many people in Charleston have dogs and cats— providing some pet-proofing to your home will add incredible appeal to those with little furry friends. Fenced-in yards, doggy doors, and shelving that is too high for pets are just a few small touches you can add that can ultimately make a big difference to renters. Pet-proofing is a double-win since this protects your property and can be useful for tenants who do have pets as well as those that do not. 


Price > Luxury

When beginning renovations, it may be appealing to make your property luxurious to appeal to a luxury market, however, if you’re not sure where to begin we want to remind you that shelling out thousands for a project like this is not always necessary. The majority of renters prioritize cost as opposed to a luxury. Overshooting your price can disadvantage you and take your property off of many people’s radars. Keep it simple and keep it friendly and you should be a-okay. 


Work on Curb Appeal

No matter how much work you do internally, if the outside of a property looks completely unapproachable this may be a disadvantage for renters. Consider hiring a landscaper or putting in some hard work to ensure things are presentable and looking good for renters. Look into patching holes and cracks on driveways and sidewalks as well as adding some decor and plants to porch/outdoor areas for a little extra touch. 


Fix Security 

People want safety over most else in a new home. Swap out old locks and consider installing security systems or Ring doorbells for prospective renters’ assurance. Having this little touch can be a big difference for people when looking for new properties. 


Update Appliances — Especially AC!

Having appliances from the 1970s era isn’t always the most appealing visual for prospective tenants. Ensure things on your property are working properly and efficiently and update items that seem like they miiiiight be pushing their last legs. This is especially true for air conditioners which are rather vital when it comes to living in Charleston amidst the sweltering heat and humidity. 


Overall, if you need help making changes to your property and marketing your property after the fact, look no further than a team you can count on at CREC Property Management. Call us today for more information: (843) 574-9100 or email us at [email protected].