I am a big door mat person. No, I don’t mean that I let people walk all over me……I am talking about REAL door mats. I change door mats according to the weather, season, mood or special occasions. People can walk up to my door and know what time of the year it is, what I am celebrating, my hobbies, etc….. It is interesting to really take a look at the door mats that lie at the thresholds of homes. It doesn’t matter if you are renting your home or own it…..a doormat establishes the character within!

Here are a few that caught my eye:

america door mat This speaks “I am an American and proud of it”!

beach door mat“Beach Life”

beware of dog matBeware of Dog…..in a nice way!

Door mat social interaction  I am guessing an anti-social neighbor?

Happy fisherman mat A fisherman who must have a very agreeable wife!

holiday door mat Happy Holidays!

man caveSelf explanatory!