What’s hot in home decor for 2016? I knew you would ask! WSJ asked interior designers to weigh in on the top design trends likely to make a big splash in 2016 as well as what’s likely to fall out of style. You can update your closet and your home for 2016!

  Black metal or wrought iron as we may be more familiar with was once reserved for outdoor furniture or bed frames, but not anymore. This unflashy metal is appearing as simple hardware, bathroom fixtures, and even flatware. Rose colored metals were big in 2015, but some say the rosy-gold hues may have a look of being “cheap” in 2016. (I always wonder who “some” or “they” are making these statements)!!

 Curves are in….so no need to hit the gym everyday! Rounded tables and curvy aesthetics will likely appear in more furnishings. Bullnose edges soften hard materials like marble and glass.

Old is in! (That’s the best news I’ve heard)! People want the traditional and dressy, with a shot of nostalgia, to feel like everything is going to be OK! Bohemian Rhapsody!!  Expect to see more brocades, tapestries, Georgian and Empire antiques, as well as fringe, cording and tassels. The streamline modern industrial look is out. I never could get used to polished cement floors INSIDE the home! Enough of looking like we are living in the garage! People want warmth!

At any rate, I believe home decor should reflect your own personal style and life regardless of what the “trends” are.