Having a property manager can add a lot of free time back into your schedule, but it can also be a difficult decision to make. Your property might be a source of pride and joy for you, so delegating work to someone else can add stress, but hiring a property manager can also provide various benefits to you such as:

  • Allowing you to avoid time-consuming tasks → You deserve to get time back into your day to day life and a property manager can help you do this
  • Avoiding the hassle of keeping up with and coordinating maintenance → We know coordinating can be difficult, especially when you are busy to begin with! Property managers take this management stress off of your hands 
  • Avoiding vacancies by filling the property with tenants who have been vetted with background checks → A good tenant leads to a good life, ensuring the tenants are vetted is important to make your life easier and property managers ensure this
  • Dealing with rent payments → especially the dreaded late payments!


Sounds like you need the help? 

You may ask yourself how to know you’re choosing the right company…after all, what makes a good property manager anyway??

 Property Managers must be good communicators and offer services that will benefit you as the primary property owner. We know you have choices out there and we stand by one simple fact, we at CREC Property Management do it right! We treat each property as if it were our own— it’s what you deserve! Here are some of the services we at CREC Property Management have to offer.


We care about our owners and tenants and want to provide the best possible service. This is your home, and we appreciate you trusting us to manage it, which is why we do what we do to ensure you are constantly comfortable. 


Want to stay informed? We don’t blame you, we would too! When you partner with CREC you will receive monthly reports, annual statements, and your own online portal to login and check on things at any time. We keep you informed of what’s happening with your property every step of the way!

Home Evaluation

Not sure how to evaluate the cost of your property? Don’t want to be undersold or overshoot resulting in no offers? We’ve got your back. We perform a Comparative Market Analysis to come up with a price that works for you and will get your home rented fast!


Once we get the price right we want to ensure your property gets views so people know it’s available on the market. To ensure we get eyes, we will put your property on the Multiple Listing Service and AppFolio, both of which get uploaded on to major websites such as Realtor.com, Zillow, and Trulia. Likewise, we will also post your listing on our company website, our Social Media page, and signage in the yard to get your home seen.

Tenant Qualification

As mentioned previously, a good tenant leads to a good life when there are no issues! This is exactly why we perform an extensive tenant screening process on all applicants. These checks include criminal background checks and a detailed review of their rental history to ensure your comfortability as the property owner.


We will complete a walk-through inspection every 6 months with photographs to ensure the tenant is properly maintaining your property during their rental period. Every move-in and move-out with a tenant will also have an inspection report completed on your property. 


It’s a given that things break from time to time. We want to make broken things as hassle-free as possible for you. Instead of you trying to coordinate maintenance, we offer a 24-hour maintenance line for emergencies as well as an online maintenance request page through our tenant portal. As as soon as we know there is an issue, we will discuss the options with you and send someone out to repair it!

Lease Negotiations

Everyone has their own list of wants and needs. Our job is to negotiate and help you find an agreement that works for you. Whether it is pets or security deposits, we are trained in every situation and know how to help!

If this sounds like something you need for your property then what are you waiting for?! Take some time for yourself and get rid of some of the stress of being a property owner by delegating the work to us at CREC Property Management. If you would like to discuss the benefits of our services and how they can benefit you, please call us to talk! 843-574-9100.