Have you spoken recently to someone who has purchased kitchen appliances? I have. So, I asked my friend, “What did you buy?” “Oh”, she replied, “Stainless of course!” Stainless appliances have bullied the market leaving white, beige and black in the dust. Take pity on the smaller, rounder refrigerators of the past, whose robin egg blue and reds dominated the kitchen in a regal manor! I know, many of you aren’t old enough to remember these gems with that familiar “Frigidaire” logo. Also, perhaps too young to remember new refrigerators that came with two free ice cube trays! Ice makers were a futuristic concept….imagine that!

At any rate, in today’s rental and sales market, most consumers shop homes with “upgraded” kitchens complete with stainless everything. I don’t know…..although there are many magnificent kitchens that are just that, I long for color!!

I did some research and the “custom colors” actually will cost you more than a standard stainless GE fridge. GE has raised it’s color line to a base price of $1500 for starters.

As Mom would say, “What goes, around comes around”. Keep it long enough and it will come back! Well, you probably wouldn’t want to clean , paint and plug in your 40 year old Frigidaire that has been gathering dust (and who knows what else) in the garage but it’s nice to know that more people are desirous of some color in that jungle of stainless steel!