With ~33 people moving to Charleston daily, there’s much to be considered about where in the general Charleston area you would like to be. When people think of Charleston, they often think of Downtown Charleston, home to popular tourist destinations like Rainbow Row, King Street, the Battery, and much more! While Downtown Charleston is a great fit for many, the truth of the matter is that Charleston is quite large with many surrounding areas that have a variety of different feels for different personalities. Today we are going to go over some of the surrounding areas to give you a glimpse into what these neighborhoods feel like so you can choose the right fit for you! 


Downtown Charleston

As mentioned, Downtown Charleston is generally what people imagine when they think of Charleston. Downtown Charleston has a booming tourist appeal with it’s rich history, vibrant colors, shopping and foodie scene, and more! With 135,000 residents, Downtown Charleston has a more city-like feel than other parts of the greater Charleston area and is ideal for those who are very into city life and may want to walk as opposed to commute, if within reasonable distance. 


Mount Pleasant

For those who enjoy a more casual suburb, Mount Pleasant may be the place for you! With a dense suburban feel, this popular area of Charleston County hosts a variety of families, businesses, and fun with close proximity to popular beaches like Isle of Palms or Sullivan’s Island. This area has a population of 86,982 and is constantly expanding. 


West Ashley

West Ashley is not its own city, but rather a popular neighborhood under the Charleston umbrella that is a bit removed from Downtown, but still super close in proximity! This area is a bit less crowded than Downtown while still having the appeal of a city with scenic waterfronts and marshes. There are a variety of inviting neighborhoods within the West Ashley area for people of all ages and living desires. 



Summerville is a Lowcountry town that spans across Dorchester, Berkeley, and Charleston county areas. Summerville offers a suburban feel and much like other areas of Charleston, has received significant growth (there were ~53,000 residents in Summerville as of 2020) in recent years with popular areas of business like Nexton. Summerville is an increasingly popular option for families and raising children and is home to good ol’ sweet tea! The area is also appealing to many for its walkable downtown historic district which houses boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, bars and other attractions, all while remaining a short distance away from Downtown Charleston.


North Charleston

North Charleston, much like Summerville, has incorporated areas in Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester counties and is in close proximity to many other popular areas in the Greater Charleston area. With a population of 113,880, North Charleston is the third largest city in South Carolina and has many popular destinations and neighborhoods. 


James Island

If you’ve ever been to Folly Beach, you’ll know that James Island is where its at! James Island is home to hip experiences and is a rather small community to about 3,000 residents and many visitors. James Island certainly has a more touristy, coastal vibe with surf shops, restaurants, gift shops, etcetera. For those who want a coastal lifestyle, James Island can certainly be a contender. 


John’s Island

Surprisingly, this island is the largest island in the state of South Carolina! This scenic island is in close proximity to Downtown Charleston and about ⅓ of the island falls in Charleston’s city limits. This location is fantastic for those who love day traveling as it is bordered by the Wadmalaw, Seabrook, Kiawah, Edisto, Folly and James islands. This spot is bit quieter than some of the aforementioned and is an increasingly popular option for families. 


Daniel Island

Similar to West Ashley, Daniel Island is not its own town, but simply a different part of the city of Charleston. For those who enjoy a more private, exclusive-feeling, lifestyle, Daniel Island might be the spot for you! Daniel Island offers a small, gated-community feel, offering a great location short from the airport and from Downtown. If you want to feel like you’re living a country club lifestyle 24/7, you should definitely check out this area. 


Goose Creek

For a quieter, more rural living experience, Goose Creek can certainly be a contender for individuals or families. Goose Creek is a city in Berkeley County that is bordered by the Cooper River and is in close proximity to North Charleston and Ladson. This city has a long history and has worked hard to achieve a balance between growth and preservation, remaining a bit less developed compared to other areas in Charleston. Residents of Goose Creek live, work, and raise families surrounded by the natural beauty in Goose Creek and love doing so! 



Ladson is a quieter suburb of Charleston with a population of 15,539. Being a tiny bit further from Downtown makes this location a bit quieter and more reserved compared to some other options on this list. If having space is important to you, living in Ladson will give you a suburban-rural mix and a tiny breather from the hustle and bustle of city life. 



Hanahan is another growing area in Charleston located close to Goose Creek and North Charleston. This area is in Berkley County and is currently growing at a record pace with lots of opportunities for fun with water sports and fishing as a result of direct access to the Cooper River and Charleston Harbor. There are roughly 24,353 residents, offering a sparse, suburban feel. 

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