Moving companies can be lifesavers. They’ll carry everything you own, they can handle three flights of stairs, they don’t flinch at bad weather, and they’ll move you any distance. Is there anything they will not do? Well, yes, actually. Movers draw the line on certain things, and if you don’t know about it ahead of time you might end up out of luck on moving day. So here’s a handy no-go list.

According to Atlas Van Lines, these items will not be packed and moved by them. Some items are “no brainers” but others actually surprised me. Items such as car batteries, liquid bleach, and your average scuba tank will not make the move list. Charcoal and nail polish are no-no’s as well! Pack those in your car or donate them to your neighbor! If you have a green thumb and have lovingly cared for your indoor plants, brace yourself for the news that you have to leave them behind! While a few moving companies might be willing to toss a plant or two on the back of the truck for a short move, most won’t allow any on local moves. And that goes double for intrastate and cross-continental moves. Some states are really sensitive about plants and afraid of bringing in bugs or other problems into the state.

If you have outdoor stuff, make sure you ask first. Lawn and pool equipment can quickly become a source of stress on moving day. Generally, any pool paraphernalia  that could pose a danger—such as acid or other treatment chemicals—will have to be disposed of. Same goes for weed killer and other pesticides. However, you can move the actual equipment—such as your lawn mower or generator—as long as you plan ahead.

Best advise is to call your moving company ahead of time and come clean with what needs to be moved. You will be prepared to move the items that they won’t move for you or figure out an alternative plan!