Your rental property is a business, and there’s a lot of work involved! You may feel confident enough to take on all the responsibilities it comes with by yourself. However, by not outsourcing your property management tasks, you might be doing yourself a financial disservice without even knowing it. CREC’s expertise and experience can save you lots of time and money. Keep reading to learn how!  


Legal Compliance

There is much to know about laws surrounding property management. Unless you know every federal, state, and local landlord-tenant law, it’s much safer and efficient to hire a property manager who already knows the rules and regulations! Property managers can also help eliminate risk of unforeseen legal issues that may escalate and land you in court. 


Better Technology 

Property management companies, and specifically CREC, have the technology and website in place that make it easy for tenants and landlords to pay dues, file maintenance work orders, and submit requests online. Building a website or portal from scratch is daunting and long gone are the days where people are willing to drop off a check in someone’s mailbox. Our technology is evolving with the times for maximum efficiency. 


Better Quality Contractors 

Many self-managing property owners feel they can tackle all complaints and issues that might arise during their tenant’s stay. The midnight calls, unreliable contractors, and lack of knowledge to fix repairs independently can get increasingly frustrating and expensive. All of this adds up to a waste of time and a bigger waste of money. However, reputable property management companies like CREC have a 24/7 maintenance crew on hand that will make all these problems disappear. Property managers have already done the leg work of vetting contractors and building relationships. These connections ultimately provide more cost-effective, higher quality, and long lasting results. 


Higher Quality Tenants

Property management companies have the resources to complete background checks on potential tenants to ensure quality tenants occupy your rental property. Property management companies like CREC have the expertise to know which platforms will attract the right tenant pool for you and advertise your property accordingly. This relieves a massive pressure off the property owner and can help you find someone who can pay the rent rate your property deserves. 


Managing a  rental property is a big commitment, and it takes a lot of time and money to properly manage every aspect of your tenant’s stay. CREC can help you with its a la carte services, or can take everything off your hands entirely!  Reach out to us today with any questions at (843) 574-9100 or email us at [email protected]