It used to be that only the rich hired house cleaners, but that has changed in a big way. With dual employment households, longer work hours and our intensely busy lives, who has time to really dig down deep and clean your own home like it should be done? You would be surprised how many people don’t have the time and do hire help.

Some choose to hire a house cleaner once/week and others are ok with twice/month for specific jobs. Whatever your house cleaning needs there are some considerations that the house cleaning industry would like you to know. I base this blog on real life house cleaners that were interviewed in a Reader’s Digest article, (Michelle Crouch-February 2012)

1.Don’t ask to have your 5 bedroom, 3500 sq ft house cleaned in 2 hours.

2.Leave the cleaners and equipment that you want them to use on your furniture and floors. Write lists of the chores needed to be done. A paper trail is always the best idea.

3.Just because they are being paid to clean your house, asking for extra things like sewing, ironing, pulling the refrigerator to clean that awful place behind it and cleaning your grill is not “included” in the price that was established to clean your home. They are called “extras” for a reason!

4.If your house is a disorganized mess, it will take twice as long to clean it. Picking up kids toys, clothes and personal items before they get there will help them to clean your house efficiently in the time agreed upon.

5.It makes them CRAZY when they have just mopped the floor and the owner walks across it with dirty shoes.

6.Consideration for things like giving them ample notice if you are not going to need their services or are moving. A month’s notice would be nice. You give your landlord a month’s notice. Do them the same courtesy.

7.Compliment them if it is deserved! Everyone does a better job when they are happy and feel appreciated.

8.Trust them to do their job professionally. You hire an HVAC guy and take his advice, you hire a plumber and you listen to what he says, do the same for your house cleaner.

9.Come home unexpectedly once in awhile…they don’t mind.Good house cleaners won’t watch your TV, talk on the phone, or eat on your bed.

10.Don’t clean your house before they arrive to clean your house.It makes their job harder, because they have to try to figure out what was clean and what was dirty.

11.They are not therapists for your personal problems. They will be polite and act interested but they are not your therapist, gossip buddy or friend. In most cases the home owner is in a higher income level than the house cleaner and they can’t fathom why they are complaining anyway! Plus, it slows down their work.

Who did they say are hands down the best home owners to clean houses for? People who work for their money like teachers, bartenders and cops!