Supply, demand, employment/job opportunities and millennials are some of the factors that have been influencing the real estate market here in Charleston. You normally wouldn’t think weather of all things would influence the rental market but guess what?  As of last week with the devastating weather it has been an unfortunate factor. This is what we find ourselves facing right now.Many of our neighbors, family and fellow South Carolinians have suffered damage and tragic loss in some cases, to their homes and properties. Renting, albeit short term is what we are seeing. Many folks have to vacate their homes and find temporary housing while they begin the arduous task of repairing their homes. Real Estate professionals, property managers and landlords can be helpful in a situation like we find ourselves in. We can be a great resource for temporary housing and other real estate needs. Being prepared with information, direction, and above all a sympathetic ear is so very important right now!

Stand Strong Charleston!