If you’ve spent as much as five minutes in Charleston, South Carolina during the summer months, it may be incredibly obvious that….it’s a bit hot here. Living in lovely Charleston comes with the tradeoff that the summers are hot and humid, but hey, we think it’s worth it to enjoy everything else this lovely city has to offer! In the event that this summer has you dripping, we wanted to give you some ideas as to how to better cool down.


Maintenance Request

First and foremost, we want to let you know that if you’re currently having issues with your apartment/house’s air conditioning unit, we’re here to help always! Serving your property is a large part of what we do. If you need to submit a maintenance request to fix your air conditioning unit please submit your request through our tenant portal with photographs or call our office at 843-574-9100 and select option 1. We have a twenty-four-hour maintenance line as well that can be used in the event of emergencies. 


Closing Your Blinds

While this one may appear obvious, it’s certainly possible it’s something you’ve overlooked! Investing in a pair of blackout curtains or heavy-duty blinds may prevent the sunshine from coming in, keeping the cool air at a comfortable level for you throughout the summer. 


Check Your Ceiling Fans

Have you looked closely at the direction your ceiling fan is going? This can also be a very easily overlooked but very easily fixed problem. For cool air, you will want your ceiling fan to rotate counter-clockwise so that it can push air down as opposed to clockwise which pulls cool air up. 


Close Off Drafts

Sometimes even the smallest of drafts can make a big difference. Purchasing a door sweep can close up small gaps in door frames to better trap in cool air and keep out that unwanted heat and humidity. 


Cooling Mattress Toppers

Does the heat hit you most while you’re sleeping? A cooling mattress topper might be the perfect remedy for you then! It’s time to ditch those heavy, thick pajamas and say hello to a mattress topper you can fall in love with as it cools you down. 


A/C and Fan Options Galore

There is almost no end to variations of air conditioning units and fans on the market! Whether you’re opting for a portable A/C unit, an in-window air conditioner, box fan, oscillating fan, small room circulating fan, or anything else we may be missing, these products will make a noticeable difference almost immediately. 


We hope that these tips gave you some inspiration as to how to cool down your place this summer. We know the summer can be taxing in the heat so we hope you stay hydrated and healthy throughout these next few months. If you have any questions or feel we missed anything important, please reach out to us at (843) 574-9100 or email us at [email protected].