People love their pets. Dogs, cats, cockatoos and wait what? Pigs? Pigs have become a popular choice as a domestic family pet. Even though they look kind of cute and cuddly as piglets they unfortunately grow to be huge porkfilled beasts. I read about a piggish situation in Key West, Florida where a  couple found themselves in hot water after their new neighbors complained about the stench created by the pig pen of their  5 year old pot belly pig named Sophia. The pen is situated on their front deck. They could be fined $250/day if they are found negligent in keeping their sweet Sophia’s pen clean. Sophia weighs in at 100 lbs. The neighbors who complained say that they moved to Key West from Illinois “to get away from hog confinement buildings and smell.” Now they have to put up with the stench from a pet pig. They bought their new Key West home for $750,000 never thinking they would have to deal with pigs…..and not of the human persuasion!

I am not here to bash the swine population, as they are actually highly intelligent and social creatures! They just do not make the best pets for people who live in neighborhoods. They need space, they need exercise…….they belong on a farm!!

At any rate, there are laws governing “exotic” pets from state to state but they can be wildly different. 18 states ban exotic animals as pets. One site, Born Free USA lists the regulations for each state just in case you are thinking of adopting Sophia’s sister!