Having a tenant that is a good fit for our properties is something that is important to us. As Property Managers, we love having tenants that we have a great relationship with and we always want our tenants to trust us and have great experiences with their entire rental experience. So how do we choose tenants that will be a good fit for our Charleston properties? We perform an extensive screening process!


Performing an extensive screening process ensures we are putting quality tenants in our properties. If someone is trusting us to handle their home, we are putting in every effort to ensure the tenant placed in that home is going to be great. 


Our process can be broken down into multiple steps. We start with an application that every person over the age of 18 that wants to live in the property must complete. The initial application is then followed up with:


  • A criminal background check
  • A run of their credit
  • Confirmation of income/employment
  • A review of their rental history
  • Certified previous landlord references


Any issues that may pop up are dealt with accordingly and in some cases, we may decide that a tenant will not be a good fit. While this process may seem a bit tedious, it is done with the intention of making everyone involved in the process happy and comfortable when it comes to living in a property in Charleston, South Carolina. 


Finding tenants is a difficult process which is why we work so hard to find the best ones. If you currently own property and find you have difficulty finding great tenants, reach out to CREC Property Management today to help you in your search to find tenants in Charleston, South Carolina.