If you are a tenant and want to have a good relationship with your landlord or property management company, you would think that paying your rent on time and following the terms of the lease are what you should be doing. However, the one thing that will put you ahead of many other tenants out there is stability. They’re looking for job stability and steady income first and foremost, but their wish list goes beyond that. An ideal renter is one who will stay in the home for years to come, raise a family, create memories and treat the home like their own.  Being good at managing your finances is a plus as well. Having a few months’ worth of rental payments in the bank is very helpful. Some property management companies require that your monthly income is 3x the amount of the monthly rent.

Once you have moved in, try to treat  it like you own it. Keep everything clean, well-maintained and in good, working order. Many times renters aren’t familiar with the cost of home improvements, so something as simple as not watering the lawn and causing the grass to die can result in thousands of dollars to the homeowner to replace the grass once the renter moves out. Take care of landscaping, clean up spills as soon as they happen and keep children and pets from causing any damage to the walls or flooring, and your landlord will thank you for it. I actually visited a home where the entire back yard was covered with dog (you know what). The neighbors complained because the smell was so bad when they sat in their screened porch. There’s no excuse for this as it not only effects the home itself but it effects the neighbors too!

Always ask the landlord or property management company first before you make a change. After you have lived there awhile, you may want to paint the kitchen to match your new curtains. Ask first! You may want to add a new puppy into your home. Ask first! This may also require an added pet fee and an addendum to the lease.

Put yourself “in the shoes” of the landlord or property management company. After all, understanding that they just want to manage time and money just like you do will go a long way in building a relationship.