I have spent many hours getting to know my clients as I take them around to see properties…whether it’s for rent or purchase. The one common denominator that I have heard countless times is, “Which room will be our room” or “This room has the better view”. Even if people are not even serious about the home, they have already begun to picture what it would be like to actually live in the house. People think about furniture placement, style, size and……rooms with a view. Sometimes a mediocre master bedroom that has a killer view would trump any others. A screened porch that sits overlooking a serene pond will always produce comments like, “This would be a lovely spot to have our morning coffee”. If you are really fortunate to be looking at properties that have views of our beautiful marsh or ocean, then chances are you may have many rooms with a view. Nobody wants to look at things like parking lots, garbage dumpsters and even the very messy neighbor’s yard next door. This last one can kill the deal!

At any rate, rooms with a view certainly can be the deciding factor in the home you choose to live in!