So much of our new development here in Charleston includes lots of new homes on small lots. I find that it’s split 50/50 between people liking the smaller low maintenance yards to people wanting a larger yard for their kids, dogs and outdoor living space.   So what do you do if you find yourself with a small yard? Think big ideas!! Here are a few that I came up with……

Create levels in your small space making the area seem like multiple outdoor rooms. Mix materials like shipping pallets, (which are really easy to find), stonework, and even grass to give each space its own special feel.

Not much dirt to dig for those plants? Even if you don’t have much soil to dig in, you can have your garden in containers. Plants, veggies, flowers, and even trees in pots. One great advantage of container gardening is its flexibility. You can easily move plants around your yard, create different spaces, and completely change your mind from season to season if you like!

Want more privacy? Use hedging around your little oasis instead of a privacy fence. Much more pleasing on the eye!

Small is big. Keep furniture small scale and unobtrusive, and your small backyard will feel a lot bigger. Benches without backs and slim lined chairs are a good idea. These seats almost blend into the landscape when there’s no one around to occupy them. Also, don’t just use the back yard, use the sides as well. If your back yard wraps around to a side yard, don’t let that small piece of real estate go to waste. Instead of parking the recycling bin there, find a way to make it a private place of contemplation, or a nursery for special plants. It may become your favorite garden nook!

Think vertical when you cannot go horizontal. Use this space to it’s best advantage. Hang planters on fences or walls. Build a planting column with 4 sides. Pinterest is a great resource for ideas! Also keep things neat by maximizing your storage. There are many options such as a corner storage unit which serves as a seating area and a storage place.

Get creative and be resourceful! You will have a great small yard!