You have moved into a new residence! All of the moving boxes are stacked throughout the house. As you begin to unpack and put away your “stuff”, you have a sinking feeling that there is not enough space for everything! If you live in a northern state, you would simply store overflow in the basement. Easy solution! But wait…..down here in the Low Country, basements, for the most part do not exist. You are tempted to start stacking boxes of stuff in the garage but you know that one of the reasons you chose this home with a garage is because you want to park the car in it!

What to do? A dilemma for many I am sure!

Here are a few ideas that can “hide” items but yet have easy access to them:

Buy a bench that opens up to a storage space. You can find these in many stores and online. You can place the bench anywhere and it also serves as an extra seating space!

Install a wooden plank above a doorway as a storage shelf.

Purchase an expandable tension rod and place under your kitchen sink. You can hang all of those spray bottles from it.

Tell the monster under your bed to scoot over, it’s time to make some good use of the area under your bed. Scout out some sturdy containers to store shoes, or summer bedding, even holiday items in the space below the box springs.

And this is my favorite……convert stairs into storage areas by opening up the riser. (If you are renting, this would of course not be an option unless you had approval from your landlord or that he agreed to have the work done himself). Use baskets, or build drawers for items you don’t want the public to view. Or for an open and aesthetically pleasing look leave the space open for things like books and photos.

I myself stash all of the overflow at my parents’ home! I am just lucky that I live near them and that they have room!!