Home Depot is advertising special Veteran’s Day pricing on all appliances. Then they throw in extra savings if you are a veteran or active military. Sounds like a great deal, right? Well yes it does! Retailers take advantage of holidays to offer sales that will drive customers into the store or online. Many holidays are days off of work for many people which is another reason retailers offer the sales. But, there are other factors that you should know when purchasing appliances. This is simple. It is usually when the store needs you more than you need the appliance! Retailers are looking to move inventory at the end of the year to make room for new models, so October, November and December are good bets to score some great deals on appliances. Also, purchasing an appliance at the end of the month is a good idea because stores are looking to meet their sales quotas. You can and should negotiate too! Prices are not set in stone. Seasonal appliances like air conditioners and gas grills are lower priced in the winter months when the demand is obviously lower.

Online appliance purchases are a bit different when trying to get the best deal. Thursday, according to Tracklf, is the day when online retailers are most likely to reduce prices. Also, end of month is also a good bet because the stores are looking to meet quotas. So, the last Thursday of the month may be a good idea!! When shopping online, compare prices using different browsers. An appliance deal viewed on Firefox could be priced differently when viewed on Safari.

Sometimes appliance repair places stock slightly used or repaired appliances and resell them at very discounted prices. This is a little risky unless the repair place is very reputable and you have researched the quality of the appliances.

The last thing you can do is take a peek into the metal price stand next to the appliance, which often is stuffed with cards that show the price and date of upcoming sales. A bit sneaky but legal!!