There are big plans for the widening of SC Route 41 in Mt Pleasant! This was decided Tuesday night at the Mt Pleasant Town Council meeting. The Council voted to partner with Charleston County in this effort to widen S.C. Highway 41 to help alleviate bottlenecks in traffic. The partnership includes spending $400,000 of the town’s money along with $1.2 million from the county for the design and permitting of the project, which could begin as early as January. This 2-lane highway has been a traffic nightmare for residents during high volume times so this should be met with jubilation!

This community and region is growing rapidly. Fifty-four people a day move to the tri-county area! Our infrasctructure has got to keep up. The county has spent more than $580 million on road projects from money raised by the half-cent sales tax referendum approved by voters in 2005, including $86 million to widen and redevelop Johnnie Dodds Boulevard. The county has $1.2 million available because a project in North Charleston came in under budget! Something you don’t see too often!

The proposed project would widen 4.5 miles of Highway 41 into five lanes and include a full interchange at Highway 17 and Highway 41. Bicycle and walking facilities are included in the proposal.

The entire project should take anywhere from 30-36 months and includes some environmental conformity that will be pretty complex and tricky. All in all I believe this to be a win-win for Mt Pleasant!