Here in the lowcountry, the school year begins in August.  Today is the first day of school for most students in South Carolina. Social media was filled with “first day of school” photos of their children with brand new backpacks, haircuts and smiles!

I thought I would highlight one of our very own schools that has a national ranking. Mt. Pleasant’s Laing Middle School was recently ranked among the top 10 STEM Education schools in the U.S. and the top 3 STEM middle schools in the country. This is very impressive! STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Laing middle school has incorporated STEM in every aspect of the school’s curriculum. STEM is not something separate or only offered to a chosen few. How so? Well, engineering is used to teach the students the process of problem solving. The students have to think through issues and come up with the most logical and efficient way to resolve them. Technology is more than just iPads and such devices. At Laing, it’s all about the nuts and bolts and innovative procedures that keep the wheels turning in the business world. Technological literacy means that students are expected to comprehend the world around them, learn how products are made and how businesses are run.

STEM education not only prepares students for our ever changing world but it also exposes them to many future career opportunities that might otherwise not be available in a more traditional school curriculum. Laing also recognizes that women and minorities are not being driven to fields that depend on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM curriculum catches students early and helps them discover their interests and skills in these fields. This will help to propel and guide them to success in middle school and beyond through high school, college and their careers.

Thumbs up to Laing Middle School!